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IT Programs Implementation

With high-quality implementation, success is more likely. Effectively implemented programs stand a better chance of achieving intended outcomes and producing positive outcomes for companies.


A program implementation is about making a complete end-to-end company process work. Interacting with different modules or processes, or even with a  complex legacy ecosystem.

We are talking about a process of change or great transformation for a company.


We focus on understanding in detail the objective of change that is needed, in order to prepare the best implementation team. Work on a real and dedicated work plan, which allows us to carry out a productive project execution, in a timely manner.

Projects Implementation
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IT Projects Implementation

We focus on optimizing and giving more productivity to the areas of opportunity detected by our clients. Through new technologies we seek to streamline and harmonize the internal processes of a company.


We have the best experts and the most efficient team, to be able to achieve your objectives in a timely manner.


We makes focus on legacy software issues, creates outstanding user interfaces for UX to outcompete your rivals, adds new product capabilities to existing environments, and ensures continuity, cost optimization, and modernization, thus revealing new opportunities.


Legacy can drag down your new initiatives or threaten your sustainability. We look for alternatives via legacy adapters and refactoring or by complete rebuilding. New massive projects can also stagnate and get too complex. This is where we can help too, with our standards and guidance.


In order to stay on par with their rivals, enterprise customers approach us to get intuitive, engaging, and outstanding UIs for great UX. This enables them to ensure high satisfaction and engagement rates among end-users and in-house staff.


It is often not so easy, even for large companies, to assemble an efficient product development team with the needed skill sets, different from those required for your core business, before you are sure the product idea works. We will enable you to get an MVP on time.

Professional Services
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Professional Services

IT outsourcing is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes.


We understand that many companies have excellent professionals working internally, and to execute new initiatives they require experts who adapt to their requirements.


At GTG we have excellent experts who are willing to join your team. Short-term staffing is one of our qualities. We have an immediate response time for estimating and assigning resources. Flexibility and adaptation with our clients, depending on the need and requirements.


Outsourcing services and consulting experts enable your business with modern software development methodologies born in the cloud—built by engineers from leading software companies. Our integrated consulting, delivery, and operations technology service offering provides a complete solution to your business technology challenges. The cutting-edge of industry and technology knowledge, plus a global expert workforce for IT outsourcing services.

Development Factory
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Development Factory

For GTG, a “software factory” is an organized approach to software development that provides software design and development teams with a repeatable, well-defined path to create and update software. It results in a robust, compliant, and more resilient process for delivering applications to production.


Our software factory brings together the best and most innovative approaches to software development to accelerate digital transformation. Rooted in DevOps and agile software development methods, our software factory combines tools, teams, and practices to organize, standardize, store, and reuse code, enabling teams to build upon accumulated knowledge efficiently. Both developers and software architects benefit from a more organized and structured approach, while your entire organization benefits from faster software delivery and higher-quality code.


We understand that many requirements arise immediately. Either they were not contemplated in the scope of a project, or we simply must resolve an incident that is impacting our business. For this we have our development factory available 24/7. We have factories in various points globally, in order to be able to meet the requirements in a timely manner, and with rates and time zones that adapt to the client's needs.

Managed Solutions
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Why Managed Services with GTG?

Filling the skills gap. Managed services can be good for teams that don’t have the time, skills, or experience internally to manage certain business functions on their own, or choose to focus their efforts on other initiatives. Relying on an expert to provide a service allows your teams to focus on innovation without getting bogged down in routine tasks.


Cost savings. Many managed services are tied to variable cloud expenses. These services can save you money on staff and training. Pricing for other managed services is usually included in a fixed monthly charge. Engaging a managed service company instead of building in-house IT operations can be cheaper, and the costs can be more predictable, which is helpful for budgeting.


Reliability. You can worry less about outages because the managed service provider is responsible for keeping the service available at all times. Services and IT support are provided under an SLA, so it is clear what to expect and when to expect it. An in-house IT team is often juggling multiple responsibilities, but an MSP can focus on perfecting the delivery of their specific service. This means focusing on the health and security of the service and applying patches and upgrades as needed.


Our Managed IT services include the monitoring and maintenance of equipment, IT systems management, remote monitoring and management of servers, network monitoring, and other support services.

GTG takes a more proactive approach to maintenance and management, which can include patch management and predictive maintenance.


* 24/7 remote support with on-site escalation as needed

* Dedicated, prescheduled engineering and architecture time every month.

* Training programs and knowledge transfer to the internal team.

* Ongoing recommendations to match the right solutions to your needs

* We find an approach to every client’s needs.

* We implement the best and most up-to-date tools into our daily work.

* We have a decade of expertise in delivering superb customer service.

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